Handcrafted analog photography in Arles, France

Guillaume Koessler was always fascinated about the magic process of photography, especially the darkroom and how we can transform the light into a timeless object. 

With his experience of carpentry and the love to create something exquisite he built his own box camera at his workshop at home in the middle of nature without electricity, using only hand tools. Originally he built it just for fun, but he was soon encouraged by his friends to show his photographic magic to a bigger audience. 

He combine his interest of photography and to meet new people with different bodys and faces and started to be specialized in portrait. He’s mainly interested to capture the authentic expression and soul of the people.

Finally he became a professional photographer and felt in love with Arles, the city where he’s based since 2019.

Now Guillaume Koessler offers his portrait services close to the amphitheater on the front of the church Couvent des Cordeliers.